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Introducing Flapmax’s Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fellowship at the FAI Institute focusing on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Flapmax, a leading innovator in artificial intelligence solutions, has announced the launch of its Women in AI (WAI) Generative AI Fellowship program as part of its FAI Institute initiative. The program aims to empower women in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and drive innovation in AI research and development, especially in underserved communities in emerging markets like Africa. Applicants with interests in generative AI can apply by April 8, 2024 to participate in the program’s 3rd cohort, starting May 2024.

Dr. Dave Ojika, founder of FAI Institute, stated: “At FAI Institute, our mission is to advance human potential through cutting-edge research, education, and training programs designed for the workforce of the future. We acknowledge the significant potential of women in propelling innovation and progress in the AI field. By providing access to quality training, mentorship, and opportunities, we are dedicated to empowering women to excel in AI careers and make substantial contributions to the industry.”

The FAI Institute’s WAI initiative has provided training opportunities for over 800 women from 24 countries since its inception. Supported by Intel, Microsoft, and in collaboration with Wentors, the WAI initiative is expanding opportunities for underrepresented communities, especially women, through experiential learning and real-world projects. International Women’s Day was celebrated with the release of a documentary film titled Breaking Barriers: Women Shaping the Future of AI.

The Women in AI program launching in May includes a 4-week virtual course focusing on industry tools for practical AI solutions. Participants will analyze large datasets and develop AI models for business using machine learning libraries. Following the course, they will work on 8-week AI practicum projects mentored by industry experts. Peer groups, meetings, and networking opportunities with tech professionals will help participants expand their portfolios and accomplishments.

FAI Institute remains committed to university-quality research with industry-scale impact, creating partnerships to spark technology growth in underrepresented communities. Through initiatives like FAI Summit, the institute fosters a community dedicated to responsible AI research, emerging tech, and sustainability, facilitating collaboration with various stakeholders.

The WAI 2024 program is seeking applicants interested in generative AI, specifically university/college students or working professionals with basic knowledge of data science or computer programming. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to be featured in a film leveraging AI and creative tech in the filmmaking process.

For more information on the Women in AI program or FAI Institute, visit www.FAI.Institute.

Contact: or visit www.FAI.Institute

About FAI Institute: FAI Institute by Flapmax is dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies through innovative research, education, collaboration, and exploration. Committed to promoting equity and fairness in AI, the initiative provides a platform for researchers and industry professionals to engage in cutting-edge AI research with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainability.

About Flapmax: Flapmax is a data and AI technology company working with global partners to bring sustainable technology solutions to communities worldwide. With a focus on AI-powered solutions that are global and sustainable, Flapmax aims to improve collaboration across borders, connecting innovators and businesses with digital transformation solutions and global partnerships.


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