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9 Lives secures $3M funding for quirky cat hero-shooter game development

9 Lives Interactive, an independent game studio, has successfully raised US$3 million in a funding round led by Mechanism Capital.

Also participating in the funding round were Delphi Digital, Sfermion, 3Commas Capital, Momentum 6, Kosmos Ventures, Devmons GG, and CSP DAO.

This investment will be utilized to develop 9 Lives Interactive’s first title, Nyan Heroes, a cutting-edge hero shooter game with a cat-inspired theme aimed at gaining widespread popularity.

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Established in 2021 by veterans from renowned studios such as EA, Bungie, and Ubisoft, 9 Lives Interactive is leveraging advanced Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology to innovate the gaming sector.

Nyan Heroes, their inaugural title, is a competitive team-based hero-shooter where whimsical cats operate powerful mechs to save the world. Gamers can choose from eight guardian classes, utilizing unique abilities and agile movements inspired by cats to achieve goals and defeat enemies.

The mechs in the game can be customized through an innovative “augment weapon” system, offering a variety of gameplay styles and opportunities to showcase high skill levels.

With over 13,000 signups following its early access launch announcement, Nyan Heroes is currently in the pre-alpha stage.

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“Nyan Heroes incorporates cutting-edge technology like the Unreal 5 engine and blockchain to enable genuine asset ownership in a thriving creator economy. We believe that this fusion, with adorable cat heroes making the genre more appealing, will lead to increased adoption by both Web2 and Web3 players,” stated Max Fu, Creative Director and CEO of 9 Lives Interactive.

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