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China’s stability maintenance system ramps up during ‘sensitive dates’ – Radio Free Asia

During politically sensitive dates, the Chinese Communist Party takes measures to silence or control individuals who may cause trouble for the authorities. This includes targeting independent journalists, rights activists, and anyone with grievances against the government.

Internet censors work diligently to block and delete unwanted content using metaphors, code words, and other workarounds. This is all part of China’s “stability maintenance” system to prevent social unrest.

Security personnel walk outside the Great Hall of the People after the second plenary session of the 14th National People’s Congress in Beijing on March 8, 2024. (Jade Gao/AFP)

On sensitive dates like the National People’s Congress, individuals who express dissent or have complaints against the government may face detention or house arrest. Activists and dissidents are closely monitored and restricted in their movements.

State security police often increase surveillance and restrictions on individuals ahead of sensitive dates to maintain control and prevent any potential unrest.

Sensitive international dates, such as International Women’s Day, also draw attention from authorities. Any discussions about sensitive topics or rights issues are closely monitored and censored.

Enforced “vacations” and restrictions on activities are common tactics used by the authorities to maintain stability and prevent any form of dissent or protest.

Overall, the government implements strict measures on sensitive dates to ensure social stability and prevent any challenges to its authority.


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