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In his last Masters moment, Verne Lundquist owned the hour

Verne Lundquist is known for his iconic sports calls, from Jack Nicklaus’ birdie putt at the Masters to Tiger Woods’ famous chip at No. 16. But did you know that he once drove CBS News correspondents to interview Lyndon Johnson before he became President? Lundquist’s life is full of memorable moments.

One of my favorite Verne stories is how he met his wife, Nancy, in an upscale bar in Dallas. It was love at first sight, and the rest is history.

Recently, Lundquist retired from CBS Sports after 40 years at the Masters. It was an emotional farewell, with tributes pouring in from all over, including Augusta National and ESPN.

Despite his impressive career, Verne remains humble and grateful for the memories. He leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

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(Photo of Verne Lundquist at Augusta National Golf Club in 2012: Augusta National / Getty Images)


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