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EchoX Secures Seed Funding from AlexaBlockchain

EchoX, a project by LeadBest Consulting Group, specializes in Web3 data assetization solutions. Recently, it successfully completed its seed round financing, reaching a valuation in the millions. Investors include CoinPost, a leading blockchain media in Japan, NERO Holdings, and strategic institutions from various regions. Angel investors from before also increased their support, showing confidence in EchoX’s direction, especially after becoming Deloitte Japan’s IT supplier.

Executives from CoinPost and NERO Holdings, along with LeadBest Group CEO Neil Lee, attended a media event in Taipei on March 29th to announce the completion of EchoX’s seed round funding. CoinPost CEO Kagami Takahito and NERO Holdings COO Paul Lei were present at the event. A Taiwan-Japan strategic cooperation agreement was signed, leading to the establishment of SUDACHI Tech, a joint venture in Japan focused on promoting Web3 transformation consultancy services for Japanese enterprises.

Neil Lee emphasized Japan’s commitment to Web3 as a national strategy and the potential market size, projected to be $10.4 billion in 2024 by Statista.

LeadBest plans to expand into Japan, connecting industry, government, and academia to lead Web3 technology applications in Japanese enterprises. They aim to generate revenue exceeding $100 million in the next three years. CoinPost, Japan’s largest blockchain media, organized the WebX summit last year, attracting over 16,500 attendees worldwide and receiving endorsement from Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

EchoX, known for NFT curation, has become a top provider of Web3 data assetization solutions, serving clients like Dentsu Taiwan and the Yulon Group. With Japan’s focus on Web3 and AI transformation, EchoX will bring Taiwan’s software technology to the forefront. Their first project in this field is the upcoming TEAMZ Web3/AI Summit in Tokyo, offering a Web3 exhibition social platform for enhanced business networking.

LeadBest, EchoX’s parent company, is committed to elevating Taiwan’s software technology globally. Through collaboration with Japan, LeadBest integrates Web3 solutions into Japanese enterprises. They focus on industries like automotive, insurance, media, entertainment, and ticketing for transformation needs, aiming to empower Taiwanese tech teams for global recognition. After success in Japan in 2024, they plan to expand across Asia-Pacific and replicate achievements in other countries.

About CoinPost
CoinPost is Japan’s largest Web3 information media, established in July 2017 to provide accurate information to Japanese cryptocurrency investors and promote Japan’s cryptocurrency information globally. It hosts WebX, one of Asia’s largest Web3 summits.

About LeadBest Consulting Group
LeadBest Consulting Group offers multinational Digital Empowerment consulting, bridging enterprises to the future world through agile thinking and technology integration, including AI, IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

About EchoX
EchoX leads Asia-Pacific’s WEB3.0 technology services, transforming enterprise data into digital assets through blockchain. It develops the WEB3.0 Data Solution Platform with over 25 blockchain modules, suitable for various industries, enabling short-term deployment.

Media Contact
Anita Tseng
PR & Marketing of LeadBest Consulting Group

Source: EchoX

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