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YouApp: The Ultimate Matchmaking App Powered by AI and Astrology

YouApp is aiming to revolutionize the dating scene by simplifying the compatibility evaluation process. Instead of relying on experts and personality tests, the app uses AI to calculate compatibility based on inputs from Chinese, Indian, and Western astrological charts and insights from the Myers-Briggs model.

This integration of ancient wisdom and modern psychology allows YouApp to provide compatibility predictions in seconds, saving users the time-consuming task of manual evaluation.

With a large database and input from specialists, YouApp’s AI continuously improves its matchmaking algorithms. After learning from over 20,000 active users in Asia, the AI incorporates real-world data to enhance accuracy.

In addition to matchmaking, YouApp offers various features such as daily star chart readings, free daily matches, premium membership perks, identity verification processes, and diverse matching options. The app also offers real-time translation support for seven languages and QR code connectivity.

The team behind YouApp consists of 28 members based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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In an interview with e27, Douglas Gan, Founder & CEO of YouApp, shares the app’s background, features, and plans for 2024.

Here is a summary of the conversation:

Can you explain why astrology, numerology, and MBTI are included in your matchmaking platform?

YouApp stands out as a unique matchmaking platform in the world today.

Ancient philosophies like astrology and numerology are similar to modern philosophies like MBTI. These ancient philosophies were studied extensively on millions of people, much like modern studies on blood type or MBTI.

Metaphysics philosophies offer an accurate way to match people for various aspects of life, making YouApp’s approach logical and effective.

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How do you plan to differentiate YouApp in the crowded dating app market in SEA?

YouApp focuses on matching for work, play, and dates, offering a unique approach within the dating app market. The declining birth rates worldwide indicate a rising demand for compatibility matching.

YouApp also plans to introduce revenue streams such as matching consultants and life coaches to enhance user experience and sustainability.

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What is your revenue model, and how do you plan to sustain the business?

YouApp’s current revenue model is based on subscriptions, with plans to introduce additional revenue streams to improve user experience. Potential revenue streams include consultants and partnerships in various sectors.

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What are your major plans for 2024?

YouApp aims to expand its physical office presence to new countries, integrate more philosophies for accuracy, and enhance its AI capabilities. The company plans to be profitable by the end of 2024 and focus on product development.

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