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Decentro, a fintech infrastructure company, utilizes strategic partnerships to corner the Southeast Asia market

Decentro founder and CEO Rohit Taneja

Decentro, an Indian fintech infrastructure platform, ventured into Southeast Asia in March 2023 with the launch of its Ledgers module in Singapore. With Asia-Pacific being a hub for digital banking solutions, Decentro aims to double its business growth in the region by the end of 2024, capitalizing on the high demand for modern financial solutions.

In an interview with e27, Decentro’s founder discusses the company’s products, expansion plans in Southeast Asia, and an upcoming funding round.


Key Features of Decentro’s Products:

Decentro’s Flow product includes modules such as UPI, bank-to-bank collections, recurring payments, instant and global payouts, and multi-currency escrow accounts. On the other hand, the Fabric product serves as an onboarding and validation module for individuals and businesses.

Decentro’s Journey Since 2020:

Decentro has empowered fintech players across various sectors in the past three years, collaborating with banks, consumer platforms, NBFCs, LSPs, B2C & B2B commerce, and neobanks. The company has grown significantly with over six live bank partners, five NBFC partners, and a substantial client base contributing to a US$3 billion annual payment volume.

Significance of Ledgers Module Launch:

The Ledgers module streamlines financial operations, offering features like real-time reconciliation, data tallying, and customisable records system, beneficial for enhancing customer loyalty programmes for brands like OwnDays.

Enhancing Customer Engagement Strategies:

Decentro aims to provide cloud-first and scalable tech solutions for companies in the retail sector across Asia Pacific, focusing on transparency, customer support, compliance, and ease of integration.

Strategic Partnerships and Technological Expertise:

Decentro collaborates with financial institutions to enhance its platform capabilities and expand its reach. The company focuses on scalability, supporting new payment protocols, simplifying APIs, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Funding and Future Plans:

Decentro has raised US$6.3 million from investors and plans to raise additional capital to accelerate growth in business, marketing, and engineering.

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