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Analyzing a Scene: The Planet of the Apes’ Kingdom

I’m Wes Ball, director of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.”

This is a brief sequence at the beginning of the film where our trio of apes, Noa, Soona, and Anaya, return to their village after an adventure. The village is where Noa and his family, part of the Eagle Clan, live in isolation. We witness how the apes coexist with eagles and their ritual of collecting eggs to raise as companions.

The goal was to establish a vibrant world that will be forever altered when Noa’s village is attacked. The scenes were shot with actors in performance capture suits, with dots on their faces capturing their movements. The actors act out the scenes on set, with digital costumes added in post-production.

Background action, like the apes playing “monkey ball,” was done on a stage. This process allows for hundreds of apes to be digitally added while only needing a few actors on set.

The character Dar, Noa’s mother, played by Sara Wiseman, showcases a strong bond with her son. The relationship between Noa and his father hints at a complex dynamic filled with unspoken communication and love.

This intricate process of layering different elements results in the idyllic community portrayed on screen.


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