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Is Plannin the Answer to Easier Hotel Booking? A Comprehensive Review

Posted: 5/12/24 | May 12th, 2024

I enjoy planning trips. Exploring things to do, learning about history and culture, and creating my itinerary. It’s a fun process.

However, certain aspects of trip planning can feel cumbersome.

Searching for affordable flights can be stressful. Booking accommodation can be a challenge as well. How can you be sure if a hotel is truly good? How do you differentiate genuine reviews from fake ones?

While I’ve become adept at selecting hotels in new destinations, I’m also willing to change accommodations if it doesn’t meet my expectations. Yet, this can be a hassle, leading to wastage of time and money in the process.

Thankfully, I recently discovered a website that simplifies the hotel booking process and helps save money too. It’s called Plannin.


What is Plannin?

Founded by former executives of, Plannin is a free membership website that offers up to 40% savings on hotel bookings. As a member, you gain access to exclusive discounts on hotels worldwide. With over 2 million properties listed on the site, new additions are constantly being made.

In addition to the standard hotel search features, Plannin allows creators to create accounts that users can follow. This enables users to view authentic reviews from bloggers and influencers they already follow on social media. Users can also track these creators on Plannin for future travel recommendations and reviews.

Currently, the platform boasts over 1,000 creators. By sharing genuine photos and video content of each hotel (based on their personal experiences), users can confidently book knowing that the visuals of the property are accurate and current.

How It Works

Plannin is incredibly user-friendly. Simply visit the website and sign up for free.

A screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepageA screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepage

Once your account is set up, you can start searching for hotels similar to other online booking platforms. However, Plannin prioritizes creator-recommended hotels in the search results, followed by highly-rated hotels from trusted partners such as, Priceline, and Agoda.

You also have the option to view the results on a map if you have a specific area in your destination in mind for your stay.

A screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepageA screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepage

Each hotel listing displays the nightly rate, star rating, amenities, a few photos, and key features like free cancellation, complimentary breakfast, or a pay later option.

You can filter your search by hotel brand, review score, amenities, and star rating, similar to other hotel search engines. Additionally, you can filter by creator.

A screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepageA screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepage

Upon clicking on a specific hotel on Plannin, you can view all the details and read the creator’s full recommendation, along with additional reviews from other guests who have stayed there. Here’s an example of my profile.

A screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepageA screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's homepage

Once you’ve found the hotel you wish to book, simply click “Book” and complete the payment (all done through Plannin). It’s that simple! As mentioned, the process is extremely straightforward.

Currently, Plannin exclusively offers hotel bookings but plans to introduce experiences and restaurant reservations in the near future.

Who is Plannin For?

Given the discounts offered to members, I believe every traveler should sign up and incorporate Plannin into their travel planning routine. Moreover, since it’s free to join and the potential 40% discount can lead to significant savings, it’s definitely worth considering. When signed in to your free account, you’ll notice the highlighted discount in green next to the hotel details in the search results.

Plannin is especially beneficial for travelers who follow social media influencers, bloggers, and creators as they can track these individuals on Plannin for travel recommendations and updates. It provides curated suggestions from trusted sources, enhancing the overall travel planning experience.

You can register for Plannin here to access creator recommendations and enjoy up to 40% off at over 2 million hotels worldwide.

For content creators, Plannin presents an excellent opportunity to share reviews directly with their audiences and earn a commission on bookings. Creators receive a 5% lifetime commission when their followers book through their personalized link.

By directing your audience to join Plannin through your unique link, you’ll earn commissions on their bookings indefinitely. The absence of an expiration date on the tracking cookie makes it a lucrative option for travel creators seeking to generate passive income while offering valuable content to their followers.

If you’re a creator, you can sign up here to begin earning from your travel content.

A screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's Creator sign-up pageA screenshot from the Plannin hotel website's Creator sign-up page

Pros of Plannin

  • Simple to use
  • Free membership
  • Access to genuine reviews from trusted creators, not random travelers
  • Up to 40% discounts can result in substantial savings
  • Future plans to include experiences and restaurants (in partnership with GetYourGuide and OpenTable)

Cons of Plannin

  • Requires an additional login for use
  • Currently limited number of creators sharing recommendations


Amidst rising travel costs, it’s crucial to compare prices and reviews before booking any trip. Since accommodation typically represents a significant expense, it’s advisable to explore different platforms before finalizing your booking. With its complimentary membership, considerable discount, and provision for curated recommendations from trusted creators, Plannin should undoubtedly be a part of every traveler’s booking process.

Click here to join Plannin today!

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