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How Senior Minister of State Tan Kiat How believes the tech ecosystem can thrive with the right talent and skillsets

Senior Minister of State Tan Kiat How emphasized the importance of having the right people, skillsets, and opportunities for the growth and success of the tech ecosystem.

During his opening remarks at Echelon X, Tan highlighted Singapore’s efforts in creating job opportunities in the digital sector, leading to a significant increase in tech professionals over the years.

Tan discussed the various programmes Singapore has implemented to support the tech ecosystem, including the tech skills accelerator and the AI Apprenticeship Programme. These initiatives aim to train individuals for tech roles and foster AI talent in the country.

He expressed Singapore’s commitment to partnering with industry players to further develop the tech ecosystem and drive growth in the digital economy regionally and beyond.

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Building the tech ecosystem through partnerships

Singapore’s conducive business environment and forward-thinking regulatory policies have attracted global enterprises and fostered business development. Initiatives like the Digital Connectivity Blueprint and the National AI Strategy demonstrate the country’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

The upcoming launch of the Digital Enterprise Blueprint will further support industries and enterprises in adopting new technologies, driving the next phase of the digital economy. Collaborations with tech giants like Google and investments from companies like AWS highlight Singapore’s dedication to becoming a global digital innovation and enterprise leader.

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