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Helport aims to reduce error rates for customer support teams with US expansion on the horizon

Helport CEO Li Guanghai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity, and companies worldwide are exploring its integration into various aspects of business operations. Singapore-based Helport is focusing on implementing AI in customer service.

In 2018, Singapore saw a four per cent growth in the contact centre outsourcing market, with expectations to reach over US$77.7 million by 2025. Helport aims to capitalize on this by offering AI solutions that can reduce customer-related errors by 60 per cent and improve cost efficiencies by up to 17.5 per cent for clients.

Helport’s key offerings include AI-Assist, designed to enhance service quality while reducing training time. Their Helphub platform leverages AI to manage customer relationships, business operations, data, and outbound calls, enabling global scalability for companies.

Established in 2020, with a global team of over 100 staff, Helport operates in Singapore, the US, the Philippines, and China. The company plans to expand in the US this year while maintaining its leadership in Southeast Asia (SEA).

In an interview with Helport CEO Li Guanghai, we delve into the expansion plans and other details about the company. Here’s an edited excerpt of the interview with e27:

How does Helport aim to differentiate its solutions and why are they superior to existing ones?

Helport stands out with a three-pronged approach:

Empowering Human Talent: Instead of replacing humans, Helport’s AI contact centre solution focuses on enhancing productivity and efficiency for customer representatives by reducing their workload and boosting sales.

Unique Technological Advantage: Helport’s technology draws from over a decade of direct contact centre operational experience, blending business expertise with advanced AI and big data applications for superior outcomes.

Market-Validated Products and Business Model: Despite being less than three years old, Helport has achieved profitability and market validation. Its AI assistant product is SaaS-based, allowing for rapid deployment and tangible performance improvements.

What notable advancements have Helport recently achieved and what lessons have been learned?

Helport has made significant progress in enhancing its AI software capabilities, particularly in AI speech and real-time monitoring. Lessons learned include the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to meet evolving market needs and technological advancements.

How does Helport plan to expand in the US market, and what strategies will be employed to attract users?

Helport’s expansion into the US, the largest contact centre services market, involves direct market development, strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions. The company’s office in San Diego, California, will facilitate this growth.

What are Helport’s plans for 2024?

In 2024, Helport aims to accelerate its global market development, with a focus on mainland China, North America, and Southeast Asia. The company will continue to invest in technology research and development to enhance product features and competitiveness, particularly in areas like AI speech technology and multi-channel communication.

This article was first published on January 17, 2024

Image Credit: Helport

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