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Honored to Support Israel, While Opposing its Government

Following the Hamas led attacks on Oct. 7, Israeli military reservists were called to fight, leading to a surge in national unity. Some soldiers, however, have expressed frustration upon returning from war, criticizing the government’s lack of accountability for the conflict. Despite their commitment to defending Israel, many reservists do not support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition, joining protests against the government’s actions. Reservists like Anat Arbel, who previously participated in antigovernment protests, are calling for change and a government that prioritizes Israel’s best interests. The wave of anti-government sentiment has united people from various sectors of Israeli society, including Yehuda Lapian, who is advocating for mandatory military service for all citizens. Eitan Turgeman, another reservist, has founded a group focused on promoting unity and seeking new leadership amidst ongoing political turmoil and conflict. Despite facing challenges and opposition, these activists remain steadfast in their efforts to bring about change and create a more responsible leadership in Israel.


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