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Excelitte: Your Solution to Escalating Cyber Crime Headliners Every Week

Last week at the GITEX AFRICA 2024 tech event in Marrakech, Morocco, we showcased Excelitte – Our Cyber Security Toolset that offers 100% Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as recognized by Gartner for data in spreadsheets, files, images, videos, archived emails, and more.

Download document: https://apo-opa.co/3wQHpA9

With cyber incidents increasing globally across public and private sectors, it’s clear that traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. At Excelitte (TEMS Consu Pty Ltd), based in Australia, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to combat cyber threats.

It’s essential for IT security experts and professionals to adapt to the evolving landscape of cyber crime. Advanced automation techniques incorporating encryption, biometrics, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics are crucial in deterring and defending against attacks.

Excelitte is dedicated to researching and developing nontraditional tools to combat cyber crime. For more information, please contact us.

Media Contact:
Email Address – temsteam@temsconsu.com

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LinkedIn – https://apo-opa.co/4aNNA5C


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