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Boost Your Blast Multiplier for the $BLAST Airdrop

3 Weeks’ notice for the Blast Airdrop, it’s time to work on your Blast multiplier to get the maximum allocation out of your farming efforts. If you do this cost and time-efficient, it will be worth it’s hella worth it. Today we show you how we did it, some of these steps will cost a little ETH or gas, but some are free. If you put effort into the Blast Airdrop, this will be worth a read.

If you’re not farming Blast, you can still join it for the last 3 weeks before TGE! Use our link or code “6J7IA” for access.

You will need to increase your Blast multiplier before the airdrop ends.

Blast Farm

If you’re into airdrops, there was no way around farming Blast. The whole timeline and discord groups were manically farming different dApps on Blast Layer 2. So many good opportunities were listed on Airdrop Alert to collect more Points, Gold and unique airdrops from the different dApps. We even showed you an airdrop route to farm several Blast Airdrops in 1 go.

Today we show you how to get a 16x Blast multiplier on your points. Yes, you read that right, 16x!

We usually farm on a few wallets, you can see we already completed all the tasks to increase our Blast multiplier to 16x. This took us about an hour to do, if you include the time we had to wait for withdrawals etc.

We now have to continue with our other wallets. But we already wanted to show you how to do it, so here we are.

The Blast Multiplier

The multiplier increases your Blast points. And don’t worry, once you unlock one of them you will receive the past points as well. They won’t let you lose the points if you are late unlocking the Blast Multiplier.

As it states in the image above, you need to use dApps. Specifically, you need to use different categories of dApps. Blast founder Pacman finds it important that the money flows through the entire ecosystem.

You simply head over to the Blast Page, and click the tab “multipliers” to find all the Blast multipliers you have unlocked and the ones you can still unlock.

As you can see, we might see more multipliers appear before the Blast Airdrop ends. If that happens, I’ll update this blog accordingly.

dApps to Unlock the Blast Multipliers.

As you can see, we need to use 6 different dApps to get there. Two of the multipliers were tied to the Blast jackpot. I guess you needed sheer luck to get those. So I hope you have already unlocked them as well.

The others we’ll cover in order right below.

1] Spot Dexes

This one takes you less than one minute. Head over to BlasterSwap and complete a trade. I did a dollar worth of ETH to bUSD.

2] Perps Dexes

Complete on perps trade on Blitz Exchange. Obviously, you can lose money when you do a perps trade. You can check out our trading guides if you want to make a profitable trade. If you just want to unlock a multiplier, make a small deposit, open a trade, close it immediately, and withdraw the funds again.

Blitz has an airdrop for the token as well. If you want to farm this one with some volume you can study the details on Airdrop Alert’s listing.

3] NFTFi

Buy a cheap NFT and sell it again. I personally went to Blur and I checked where the bids for NFTs were close to the buying price. I lost about 0.0002 ETH doing this which is fine to get unlock this Blast Multiplier. To dump the NFT back into a bid, you need to wait 30 minutes. You can also purchase the cheapest absolute dogshit NFT you can find.

Blur also has an Airdrop for Blast NFT traders, which you can find here.

4] SocialFi

This one you can get for free. Just head over to SpaceBar and mint one of the NFTs for free. It unlocks this multiplier. It took me one minute to do so.

A farmer friend told me that minting this NFT will also qualify you for the NFTFI airdrop. Although I had already traded on Blur, so I can’t confirm this right now.

5] GambleFi

What’s up Degens? This one speaks for itself. Gamble on one of the Blast casinos to unlock this. I used YOLO Games and spinned with 0.001 ETH which I unfortunately lost.

6] GameFi

This was the most difficult one finding something cheap. I went ahead and played a battle on Cambria games. You have to go to the game and find a partner to battle with. It will cost you a minimum of 0.001 ETH and the winner of the battle will double, and the loser will lose their ETH. You don’t need to do anything once the battle starts. It’s an RNG who wins it.

I was fortunate enough to win this battle.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap, folks. Hopefully, this guide helped you unlock the 16x Blast multiplier and you just increased the size of your Airdrop!

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