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‘Assassin’ | Deconstructing a Moment

I’m Richard Linklater, director and co-writer of ‘Hit Man.’ In this scene, Glen Powell plays Gary Johnson, an undercover hit man who is under threat from Jasper, played by Austin Amelio, a New Orleans police officer who suspects him. Gary is dating Madison, whose husband has been found dead. The police force doesn’t know the truth, but Jasper suspects Gary. To catch him in the act, Jasper sets up an entrapment scene where Gary records a conversation with Madison, hoping to expose him.

“Remember, audio only. We need a good recording.”

As the conversation unfolds, Gary must navigate the situation, directing Madison’s words while improvising to protect themselves. It’s a tense exchange that tests their relationship and commitment to each other.

The scene requires a delicate balance of physical and verbal communication, as they must convey their intentions without giving themselves away. It’s a performance within a performance that culminates in a high-stakes situation where their future hangs in the balance.

In the end, they must trust each other and work together to navigate the dangerous territory they find themselves in.


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