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‘Inside Out 2’ | Deconstructing a Scene

“My name is Kelsey Mann, and I am the director of ‘Inside Out 2.’ In this scene, we see Joy and the original emotions entering a new space within Riley’s imagination. This area is being taken over by Anxiety, who is working with mind workers to create worst-case scenarios for Riley’s future.”

“Riley misses a goal, and the coach writes about it in her notebook.”

“They are using Riley’s imagination against her.”

“Joy is determined to stop this at all costs. I wanted this movie to focus on anxiety taking over, reflecting on my own struggles with anxiety. Many people can relate to overthinking and worrying about the future.”

“Why are you drawing a hippo?”

“I’m drawing Riley.”

“Joy, you forgot her ponytail.”

“Riley scores, and everyone celebrates? That’s not helping.”

“I imagined this space like workers in cubicles, but with a fun twist using giant playing cards.”

“Who sent that projection to Riley?”

“Who is sending these positive messages to Riley?”

“Don’t listen to Anxiety. She is trying to change Riley.”

“The workers start standing up to their boss, inspired by scenes in ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘Jerry Maguire,’ and ‘Norma Rae.'”

“What if Riley gives up hockey forever?”

“What if Riley succeeds and becomes a national hero?”

“Reality is important, Joy.”

“Anger’s speech was influenced by ‘Network.'”

“Nightmares don’t have to control you anymore.”

“Lewis Black delivers a powerful speech in this scene.” “Pillow fight!”

“Riley, you need to be prepared.”


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