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Unleashing Asia’s Tech Potential: The Impact of Self-Taught Education on the Future of Developers

Over the past decade, Asia’s software industry has seen continuous growth, even amidst the pandemic. It is estimated to be worth over US$121.40 billion in revenue this year, with a projected annual growth rate of 7.92 per cent by 2028. With new projects constantly emerging, there is a high demand for developers, especially those at entry-level looking to gain experience and lay the foundation for the tech boom in Asia.

Opportunities for a career in software development are not limited to individuals with formal degrees in computer programming or related fields. While about 75 per cent of developers have relevant degrees, companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Shopify are open to hiring self-taught developers and programmers. These individuals have honed their skills independently, often through free online resources.

Free developer education

There are numerous free educational resources available to help self-learners kickstart their journey in software development. Platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity Nanodegrees, and Codecademy offer structured learning options. Coursera and edX feature courses created by top universities and companies, while Udacity Nanodegrees focus on project-based learning. Codecademy is ideal for beginners, providing interactive learning resources to build a strong foundation in programming.

For tutorial-based learning, resources like FreeCodeCamp, The Odin Project, and YouTube channels such as Traversy Media,, and Academind are valuable. FreeCodeCamp offers a wide range of coding tutorials and projects, while The Odin Project provides open-source full-stack curricula. YouTube channels offer high-quality video tutorials on coding languages and frameworks.

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For more advanced learning, platforms like GitHub, HackerRank, and LeetCode are popular choices. GitHub provides open-source projects for developers to learn from, contribute to, or use for their projects. HackerRank and LeetCode offer coding challenges to enhance problem-solving skills.

Specialised and updated knowledge

Self-learners in software development are driven by the need to keep up with the latest technologies. The rise of Web3 has prompted developers to expand their knowledge in blockchain technology, decentralised apps (dApps), and innovative user interfaces and experiences. Platforms like EZSandbox by Koii provide free learning solutions on modern development topics, particularly focused on Web3 development.

EZSandbox offers progressive lessons on Web3 development, starting from basic tasks to more complex topics like software audits. Users can gain hands-on experience by experimenting with tasks on their desktop nodes. Koii also provides tools for developers to create decentralised applications, empowering learners to gain practical experience in Web3 development.

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With the rapid growth of Web3, proficiency in Web3 development is becoming crucial for developers worldwide. Free resources like EZSandbox by Koii offer opportunities to enhance expertise in this area without the need for paid courses.

Becoming more competitive developers

In Asia and globally, there is a high demand for developers, leading to fierce competition for entry-level positions. Companies prefer experienced developers with strong problem-solving skills. The availability of free online learning resources, especially in advanced and in-demand topics, is essential for developers to stay competitive.

By leveraging tools like EZSandbox by Koii and engaging in self-taught learning, developers can enhance their skills and appeal to potential employers, especially in the evolving landscape of Web3 development.

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