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Web3 Pro Secures Additional $10M Funding, Valuation Soars to $57M Amidst Shifting Online Advertising Trends

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Amid shifting ad dynamics and Google’s phasing out of third-party tracking cookies, Web3 Pro aims to address the declining online ad effectiveness and privacy issues by revolutionizing marketing with its white-label SaaS solution, prioritizing enhanced engagement, retention, and conversion.

Web3 Pro, a MarTech SaaS company that focuses on targeted opt-in marketing, has successfully secured significant funding from P101, a top European venture investor. This recent influx brings the total capital Web3 Pro has raised to nearly $10 million, valuating the company at $57 million post-investment. This funding comes at a critical juncture, as traditional online advertising is grappling with challenges related to privacy concerns and diminishing marketing efficacy.

The imminent decision by Google to phase out third-party tracking cookies from its widely-used Chrome browser by 2024, coupled with the dwindling effectiveness of social media advertising, has heightened the need for new marketing approaches.

Christian Ferri, Web3 Pro’s CEO, emphasized the prevailing trend: “There’s a palpable shift towards personalized, engaging marketing experiences that not only resonate with consumers but also offer brands unparalleled effectiveness.”

Web3 Pro offers an enterprise-grade white-label SaaS marketing solution. Having previously crafted tailored marketing campaigns for elite brands like Lamborghini, Juventus, and Showtime Sports, Web3 Pro recently introduced the Hub. This platform equips companies with self-service access to top-tier marketing tools at an affordable monthly fee.

Hub serves as a unified platform for curating brand communities, integrating scattered social communities, and delivering enhanced value. Moreover, it facilitates loyalty and rewards programs, fostering deeper interactions between brands and their consumers, leading to improved engagement, conversion, and customer retention.

P101, with a robust portfolio managing over $400 million across four funds, praised Web3 Pro’s innovative enterprise-focused marketing SaaS solution.

Andrea Di Camillo, the founder and managing partner of P101, lauded Web3 Pro’s unique blend of innovation and practicality.

He conveyed P101’s commitment to back Web3 Pro, especially in establishing its footprint in the European market.

Web3 Pro, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., offers a superior white-label SaaS MarTech solution. This platform empowers businesses to achieve elevated engagement, retention, and conversion rates, outpacing conventional advertisements and loyalty schemes by three to five times.

The company’s illustrious roster of existing investors encompasses entities like Sumitomo Corporation’s CVC arm, Ripple, and VU Ventures.

The recent investment will primarily fuel the expansion of Web3 Pro’s sales and marketing teams. This growth aims to tap into burgeoning markets in Europe, MENA, and APAC, where the appetite for novel marketing engagement strategies is on the rise.

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