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Dr. Gina Nick Discusses the Effects of Excessive Sugar and Glutathione on Brain Health

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Katie: Hello and welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. In this special Halloween episode, we will be discussing the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption and the benefits of glutathione for brain health. I am joined by Dr. Gina Nick, founder of Apothicaire and a renowned naturopathic physician, researcher, and formulator. Dr. Gina has extensive knowledge in glutathione and its impact on the body. We will delve into the topic of sugar consumption during the Halloween season and how it can be harmful to our health. So let’s jump right into our conversation with Dr. Gina Nick.

Dr. Gina, I am thrilled to have you here today.

Gina: Thank you for having me on your podcast. It’s a pleasure to be here and chat with you.

Katie: I had the pleasure of meeting you recently and knew immediately that I wanted to have you on the podcast. I am excited to discuss glutathione and some of the formulations you are working on. But first, let’s talk about sugar consumption, especially during this time of year. Can you give us an overview of the problems associated with too much sugar?

Gina: Absolutely. Sugar consumption is a common issue, especially during holidays like Halloween. Sugar activates the brain’s opioid system and provides a temporary feeling of happiness and pleasure. However, long-term excessive sugar intake can lead to inflammation in the brain and various health issues. While moderate sugar consumption may be acceptable, our current consumption levels are much higher than recommended. For example, a single can of Coke contains 44 grams of sugar, exceeding the daily recommended limit. On Halloween, children consume an average of three cups of sugar, causing potential harm to their developing brains. It is crucial to recognize the addictive nature of sugar and treat it as a drug. Furthermore, there is also a concerning issue of Rainbow fentanyl, a highly potent substance disguised as candy, being found in popular brands. This creates additional concerns about the safety of Halloween treats. Despite these concerns, Halloween can still be enjoyed responsibly and safely.

Katie: Thank you for sharing that information. It’s important to be aware of the harmful effects of excessive sugar consumption, especially during holidays. Let’s now shift our focus to glutathione and its benefits for brain health.


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