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Aethir’s innovative solutions tackle gaming and AI scalability challenges

Mark Rydon, CEO and Co-Founder, Aethir

Aethir, a Singapore-based company founded in 2021, aims to address the scalability challenges faced by the gaming and AI industries.

Led by a team of cloud industry veterans, it has built a Scalable Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) network that offers significant cost reductions, improved efficiency, and reduced latency. With a diverse user base consisting of infrastructure providers and end-users, Aethir aims to significantly impact the cloud computing space.

The company specifically targeted the scalability of GPU cloud infrastructure, which was plagued by high costs, limited resource availability, and latency. By leveraging advanced technologies and edge computing principles, Aethir has successfully reduced costs, enhanced scalability, and significantly reduced latency in its infrastructure.

“The cloud sector has traditionally been a challenging industry to scale, plagued by high costs, particularly for customers requiring complex real-time rendering or streaming infrastructure – and that’s not taking into account the additional stress on the ecosystem as a result of the AI boom,” explains Mark Rydon, CEO and Co-Founder, Aethir, in an email interview with e27.

“At Aethir, we’re laser-focused on solving the cloud scalability challenge. We’ve built a global Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) network specifically to scale complex cloud infrastructure services globally; a significant milestone for the future of the gaming and AI industry. The cost and performance advantages of our DCI are significant, and when coupled with our ability to operate in developed and developing markets alike, we’re unlocking a huge amount of potential value for our customers.”

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Aethir’s user base can be categorised into two distinct categories. The first category comprises infrastructure providers with valuable computing resources, particularly GPUs. Aethir engages these providers through strategic partnerships and industry networks, allowing them to generate a return on underutilised equipment.

The second category comprises end-users, primarily gaming and AI companies, who require high-performance computing resources. Aethir caters to their needs through its GPU-as-a-service model, offering low-latency and cost-effective access to GPU resources.

Moving forward

Aethir’s revenue model combines traditional transaction fees with blockchain-based tokenisation. This approach ensures sustained revenue and creates an incentivized ecosystem benefiting both infrastructure providers and end-users.

In July, Aethir announced the completion of its Pre-Series A funding round, securing over US$9 million in investment. The round was led by renowned global investors, including Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, Merit Circle, and CitizenX.

“We have been proud supporters of Aethir since 2021 and are helping to expand the network by investing in the rendering nodes. The initial vision and the technology of the Aethir team convinced us to be part of the seed round. The execution of building the network and its fast adoption kept us as active members of the growing ecosystem,” said Chen Li, CEO and Co-Founder, Youbi Capital, who invested in the company.

“Unlike the low utilisation of nodes in other decentralised networks, the Aethir nodes are projected to be used 50 per cent of the time, generating significant revenue for the node operators in addition to the mining reward. It makes the early participation of mining on the Aethir network unique from all other DEPIN projects.”

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With the funding, Aethir is poised to expedite its global expansion in key markets such as Southeast Asia, Latin America, and North America. The company aims to capitalise on the growing demand for its services and establish a strong presence in these regions. In addition to expanding its infrastructure, Aethir has forged strategic partnerships with major players in the Gaming and AI Infrastructure space. These partnerships will further enhance the company’s reputation and visibility in the market.

As 2024 approaches, Aethir is gearing up for significant milestones. The company plans to launch its token in the first half of the year, marking a deeper integration into blockchain technology and solidifying the scalability of its infrastructure model.

Furthermore, Aethir is on track to onboard its first million users, a testament to the trust and demand for its services. Looking ahead, Aethir is focused on expanding its product offerings as the AI marketplace continues to evolve, ensuring it stays at the forefront of innovation in cloud computing.

Image Credit: Aethir

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