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Is Damon Stoudamire capable of bringing Georgia Tech back to its former glory?

.SToudamire, who is the first Georgia Tech coach to win his first game against Duke, is 1-0 in the ACC – a mighty impressive statistic for his debut. Tech’s 72-68 win over No. 7 Duke definitely shows promise for the program. They took the lead and managed to hold onto it, even coming back from a four-point deficit to secure the game-winning shot on a bold alley-oop. This promising win follows a victory against No. 21 Mississippi State four days prior, indicating a strong start to the season under Stoudamire’s leadership.

Georgia Tech’s history in college basketball includes a national title game appearance 20 years ago but has since struggled. The program has had very limited success in recent years. Stoudamire has come in with the intention of turning things around and has a different background from other Tech coaches. He isn’t a lifelong coach but rather a former NBA player, bringing a unique perspective to the team. His goal is to reinvigorate the program and bring back a winning culture.

The team has been focusing on building strong relationships and creating an inclusive environment during practices, recognizing the importance of connecting with players in the current climate of college sports. Stoudamire uses his background and connections to relate to the players, aiming to support them both on and off the court. Georgia Tech and Atlanta have much potential for success, particularly with the recent emphasis on financial support and attracting players with NIL opportunities.

Stoudamire understands the significance of the local talent in the greater Atlanta area. The team and administration are working hard to gather support for the program and recognize the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of college basketball. With his leadership and the city’s potential, Georgia Tech is aiming to rebuild its basketball program and become relevant once again in the world of college athletics.


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