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Understanding Inflammation: Identifying Signs and Reducing Toxic Load with Maggie Berghoff

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So you as a mom no longer have to worry about running out of vitamins, and they will automatically arrive when you need them. You can check them out and get them for your kids by going to . And you’ll also save 50% on your first month. Katie: Hello and welcome to The Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from and I’m here today with my friend Maggie Berghoff to talk about how to know if you have inflammation and how to lower your toxic burden. And Maggie is an expert in this both from her research and from her personal experience. She had a pretty incredible journey with autoimmunity as well and being told that she was going to be on some pretty severe medications her whole life. She was also a nurse practitioner at the time and like many of us she really kind of got to her wits end and decided to find healing on her own. And this led her to a complete career change and now helping thousands of people as well. And so we go deep on this whole process today, how to know what’s going on in your body, how to get the right labs, how to start healing and how to be your own primary healthcare provider. And Maggie is such an expert on this. We talk about nutrition and lifestyle and labs and other factors that you might not even know to consider. She’s definitely a wealth of knowledge and let’s jump in and learn from Maggie. Maggie, welcome back. Thanks for being here again. Maggie: I’m so excited to be here and to share with your audience. Katie: It’s always so, so fun to have a conversation with you. And I know that you’ve been on before. I will of course link to your other episode in the show notes. But for anybody who might be a new listener or as context for the conversation we’re gonna have today, I would love for you to tell a little bit of your story, specifically like the autoimmune and inflammation link, because I’ve talked about how I used to have a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and I no longer do and I don’t take medication. And I believe from knowing your story, you also had a pretty scary diagnosis that you no longer have. And I think there’s so much hope and power and stories. So I would love to start there. Maggie: Yeah, I mean, it’s incredibly important because when I had my diagnosis, all of my doctors said that I would have that forever and I don’t. So I think it’s important for the listeners to know that. When I was going through my health journey, I had a lot of different symptoms. My symptoms were migraines, extreme fatigue, bloating no matter what. I could eat like the healthiest steamed broccoli bowl and I still would be bloated. I also was dizzy. My hair was thinning, I was gaining weight. So I had a lot of symptoms and the doctors told me at first that nothing was wrong with me because my labs actually looked normal. So I went to the doctor and I was like, I’m falling apart. I feel horrible. What is going on? And all of my labs actually showed completely normal at that time. So the doctors would just tell me, you’re fine. And I’m like bawling my eyes out, telling them, I am not fine. But it was just kind of too soon for the traditional lab work to find out what was going on in my body. But over time, since the doctors kind of ignored my plea for help, over time, my body continued to get worse and worse and worse. And throughout that next year, it ended up actually, I had a mini stroke when I was 24 years old. And that’s when all my labs showed abnormalities, including PCOS, severe hypothyroidism, severe immunodeficiency. Like I had no immune system. It actually also was showing for kidney failure of unknown causes. They diagnosed me with POTS, so POTS. And that was the explanation for the dizziness and things like that. So I ended up with…

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