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Addressing the Overlooked Challenges in Health and Wellness with Ian Clark


Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast

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Hello and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast

I’m Katie from, and this episode is about the elephant in the room in the health space and how to fix it. And this is probably not a topic that you would guess, and it might not be the one you’re thinking of, even if you’re guessing. And I’m here with my friend Ian Clark, who when he was 46 years old, he had a number of life-threatening health issues hit him all at once. And he, like I was, was forced to start searching for his own solutions. And refusing to accept a negative outcome, he chose a natural path, and he traveled the globe uncovering potent remedies with powerful natural health benefits. And after years of intense research and supporting his own body, his company Activation Products was born. And we talked about something that is, I feel, not talked about nearly enough and certainly not at the level and the nuance that he explains it today in this episode. So definitely listen to this one about the elephant in the room when it comes to health, and this really surprising thing that he did and that many people are having amazing results with and that I’ve also been experimenting with. So without further ado, let’s join Ian Clark.

Ian, welcome. It’s always such a joy to get to talk to you, and I’m so glad we get to have this conversation today.

Katie, yeah, it’s been a while. You’re looking great.

Well, thank you. Yeah, we’re long overdue for a catch-up. And I love that we’re going to get to go deep on what I think are some really important topics today. I think to start broad, the title for this episode is about the elephant in the room and the health space. So I think that’s where we start. What is the elephant in the room?

Well, the elephant in the room is always something that is not obvious, it appears. We always think that we’d never miss the elephant in the room. But it comes right down to what do we do physically the most. And what are those physical things we, these activities we do, how do they affect us? And the one major thing that we do is we breathe 11,000 liters of air per day. That means we breathe 4 million liters a year. Between the age of 20 and 60, that means we breathe 160 million liters of air. And we all know that the air has nanoparticle pollutants in it. And they are vast in volume, yet they’re invisible. So what you can’t see or smell or taste, you’re breathing. And we know that mathematically and scientifically they exist. Because we’re driving cars which produce massive amounts of pollution like tire dust and brake dust. I’m not so worried about the fuel. The cars are pretty efficient burning fuel. But the tire dust and the brake dust are two massively huge problems of these nanoparticles we breathe, they look like little razor blades. There’s 10 billion pounds of tire dust in the United States released into the atmosphere every year, and it goes a mile and a half above all the roads where cars drive and trucks drive. So that contamination causes us health issues over time. And thankfully, we know what the solution is and how to fix that problem. But that’s the big elephant in the room that people are missing. Katie: And what are some of the effects that this is having on the
human body? I mean, it makes sense. I’ve always thought in terms of triage, everybody gets so concerned with what they eat and the supplements they take, which, of course, can be very important as well. But when we look at it on an amount of influence level, we’re breathing all day, every day, even while we’re sleeping. Our hydration, I think, is also important because we can go much longer without food than without water. But air is the…


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