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A successful closed beta test for AIMED’s Neuphoria sets the stage for a promising 4X auto battler game launch.

United States, January 25, 2024 / AlexaBlockchain/ – On the 24th, AIMED successfully completed the closed beta test of the real-time 4X strategic auto battler game “Neuphoria”.

By forming a squad of five characters, Neuphoria provides various team compositions depending on the character and item selection, with battle victories leading to territory expansion and additional resources. The game is set to be officially launched in the second quarter.

Prior to the official launch, a CBT was held for global users, industry officials, and game journalists from countries such as Korea, the United States, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines to conduct final verification, including marketability, game scalability, and bug testing.

Throughout the ‘Neuphoria’ Closed Beta Test, participants logged an average of 89 minutes of daily playtime, achieving an impressive 83% participation rate per person. Favorable reviews were garnered, with respondents praising Neuphoria for its ‘innovative and genuine gameplay.’ Additionally, the diverse range of characters was commended for providing a captivating experience, as revealed by a survey conducted during the testing phase.

AIMED’s Game Studio, known as “Team Eclipse,” plans to collect feedback from CBT participants and related data and start final development.

Team Eclipse plans to improve the overall completeness of Neuphoria by providing additional guidance to better understand its core contents. This involves expanding the range of compensations available, adjusting the balance of resources acquired in each aspect of the game, and developing new characters to enhance the gaming experience.

Furthermore, user feedback will be consistently incorporated through diverse channels, including Discord, Naver Game Lounge, and the official website. Updates will continue after the launch, with a focus on optimizing user experience and expanding the world of Neuphoria to ensure user satisfaction.

AIMED’s CEO, James Lim, stated that they are creating a new and fresh type of entertainment through a hybrid game genre, adding that they were working hard to improve the completed game alongside art, and a worldwide story perspective for the global market.

Neuphoria gained attention even before its emergence as a game due to its association with Team Eclipse, the same development team of AAA-class games and maker of games like Call of Duty, PUBG: Battleground, Black Desert Mobile, and Blade and Soul. Team Eclipse is a highly experienced group of game experts with 15 years of experience in prime companies such as NC, Nexon, Krafton, Netmarble, Activision Blizzard, as well as Pearl Abyss.

Team Eclipse is led by Producer Ryan Kang(NC Soft’s Blade & Soul senior planner, Pearl Abyss’s Black Desert mobile global development manager), and Kevin Baik AD(Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty senior concept artist, Krafton).

Source: AIMED

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