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SocialFi App Nicegram Empowers Telegram Creators with DeFi and Crypto

Key Takeaways from Nicegram’s Transition to a SocialFi Platform

  • Empowering Telegram Creators: By leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, Nicegram aims to provide a range of innovative tools and features, including token-gated access, a multi-chain wallet, and a rating system for Telegram groups, to empower creators and influencers in the Telegram ecosystem.
  • Filling a Void in Monetization: The move comes in response to the challenges faced by Telegram creators, who have had limited options for monetization and community engagement. Nicegram envisions itself as the solution, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-driven, data analytics, and community engagement tools, collectively referred to as “SocialFi,” to bridge this gap and create opportunities for creators to thrive.
  • Integration of DeFi and Crypto: Nicegram’s commitment to integrating DeFi and crypto-based functionalities into its platform reflects a belief in the power of Telegram communities. By doing so, it aims to facilitate seamless interactions between creators, users, and community managers, positioning itself as the “Telegram for Businesses.” This integration opens up new avenues for financial transactions and engagement within the Telegram ecosystem.
  • Impressive Growth and Widespread Popularity: Since its acquisition by Appvillis in 2022, Nicegram has experienced exponential growth, with a 10X increase in users and an average user engagement time of five hours.

In a strategic move that could reshape the landscape of Telegram and bolster the burgeoning creator economy, popular messenger and community engagement platform Nicegram is set to make a remarkable transition into a SocialFi app. The company’s vision revolves around a unique monetization model rooted in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, aiming to empower millions of creators and influencers on the Telegram platform.

Nicegram’s revamped platform will introduce a range of innovative features

Nicegram’s evolution into a SocialFi app signifies a shift towards a more inclusive and rewarding ecosystem for content creators on Telegram. The company plans to introduce significant enhancements, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency-focused features to provide a multifaceted experience for its users.

Key developments on the horizon include token-gated access, a multi-chain wallet, multi-language translation capabilities, and the introduction of a rating system for Telegram groups. Additionally, Nicegram will unveil its highly anticipated “Nicegram Hub,” serving as a central communication and engagement hub for creators. Furthermore, the platform will launch an advanced search console, functioning as a comprehensive catalog that enables users to effortlessly discover over 100,000 indexed and ranked Telegram groups on Nicegram.

Nicegram’s vision for the creator economy

Sergey Sheleg, Chief Product Officer at Nicegram, highlights the platform’s vision for the creator community, emphasizing the tremendous growth potential. “Globally, the creator economy is poised to touch $470 billion by 2027,” Sergey stated.

He discussed the challenges faced by Telegram creators in terms of monetization and community engagement and expressed Nicegram’s excitement to provide solutions by integrating AI, data analytics, and innovative community engagement tools.

“Creators on Telegram have very few options when it comes to monetisation and community engagement. The lack of a credible user engagement platform, coupled with low-value data analytics further alienates advertisers from engaging with these creators,” Sergey stated.

Sergey further stressed the platform’s commitment to decentralized finance, aiming to bridge the gap between creators, users, and community managers, ultimately becoming the ‘Telegram for Businesses.’

Sergey Sheleg is also a proponent of decentralized finance, and he emphasized, “We’ve always believed in the power of Telegram communities, and by integrating DeFi and crypto-based functionalities with the Nicegram messenger platform, we aim to bridge the gap between creators, users, and community managers, to become the ‘Telegram for Businesses’.”

Nicegram, a Telegram client app, has been part of the technology company Appvillis since its acquisition in 2022. Since then, it has experienced a remarkable 10X organic increase in new users and boasts an impressive average user engagement time of five hours.

Functioning as a Layer 2 on the Telegram API, Nicegram has witnessed substantial growth in the last 24 months, scaling from 1 million users in early 2022 to over 26 million users at present.

As part of its forward-looking strategy, Nicegram plans to introduce a suite of new crypto-native features, including creator monetization tools, robust data analytics capabilities, and referral and rating systems. These innovations are designed to empower users and community managers, fostering deeper engagement with audiences.

Nicegram’s popularity extends across regions, with a remarkable rating of 4.7 on the App Store. The app has gained substantial traction in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, including countries such as the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Malaysia, Nigeria, and more. This widespread adoption underscores Nicegram’s influence in regions where Telegram usage and the rise of web3 technologies are particularly prevalent.

As Nicegram embarks on its journey towards becoming a SocialFi app, it holds the promise of revolutionizing the creator economy on Telegram, offering creators and users innovative tools and a decentralized financial ecosystem to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With its impressive track record and ambitious vision, Nicegram aims to shape the future of community engagement and monetization for millions of Telegram users worldwide.

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