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BLOCKLORDS Introduces First Game Drop as Player Base Continues to Grow

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BLOCKLORDS, the medieval MMO strategy game, celebrates surpassing 60,000 downloads with its first GameDrop, distributing 300,000 in-game $LRDS tokens. Developed by MetaKing Studios, the game aims to empower players in its player-owned economy.

BLOCKLORDS Initiates GameDrop After Surpassing 60,000 Downloads

In a landmark move, BLOCKLORDS, the pioneering medieval MMO grand strategy game, has initiated its first GameDrop following a remarkable milestone of surpassing 60,000 downloads. This strategic deployment marks a significant step forward for the game, emphasizing its commitment to rewarding its dedicated player base while introducing innovative features.

Scheduled to occur five times throughout 2024, the GameDrop initiative represents BLOCKLORDS’ dedication to consistently engage its community while fostering growth. During GameDrop 1, a substantial sum of 300,000 in-game $LRDS tokens was distributed to eligible players, adding tangible value to the gameplay experience.

Developed by MetaKing Studios, a visionary publisher dedicated to infusing fun into the Web3 space, BLOCKLORDS stands as the studio’s flagship creation. Established in 2018, MetaKing Studios has expanded to encompass over 50 developers spanning 20 countries, embodying its ethos of creating games by gamers, for gamers.

In 2022, MetaKing Studios secured $15 million in a seed funding round, with notable investors such as Makers Fund and Bitkraft Ventures leading the way. Joining them were Delphi Digital, Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, WW Ventures, Spartan Group, and Huobi Ventures, among other prominent contributors.

David Johannsson, the Founder of MetaKing Studios, expressed his gratitude towards the dedicated player base, highlighting the game’s evolution from its inception to its current standing with over 63,000 downloads. The GameDrop event in February serves as a token of appreciation to the loyal community who have supported BLOCKLORDS throughout its developmental journey.

Johannsson emphasized the studio’s vision of establishing an economy owned and propelled by the players themselves, underscoring the significance of GameDrop in fortifying in-game economies and empowering players to expand their dominions.

Supported by industry giants like Square Enix and Krafton, BLOCKLORDS, built on the Unity platform, delivers an immersive gaming experience characterized by dynamic gameplay, communal prestige, and captivating narratives. Players are thrust into a world where farming, combat, governance, and conquest are guided by heroic figures, promising a kingdom shaped by community engagement and strategic prowess.

BLOCKLORDS, currently in early access on the Epic Games Store, beckons players to immerse themselves in its vibrant universe, offering a free-to-play experience rich with opportunities for adventure and conquest.

As BLOCKLORDS continues to carve its niche in the gaming landscape, the GameDrop initiative exemplifies its dedication to community-centric growth and innovation, signaling a promising trajectory for the game and its legion of players.

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