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MixCare Health set to capitalize on $1 billion market in Asia through expansion plan

MixCare Health CEO & Co-Founder Alex Wong (left) at an event

Established in 2020, Hong Kong-based digital health and wellness platform MixCare Health has achieved significant milestones by serving over 100,000 end-users through 25 clients. These clients include major Hong Kong employers like PwC, HKBN, and Manpower, as well as insurers such as China Life, AXA, Chubb Life, OneDegree, and Blue.

“Over the past 12 months, we have seen significant growth in our potential end-user base by partnering with major employers and insurance companies who wish to offer our health and wellness services to their policyholders. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by these established names to provide them with a solution,” explained Alex Wong, CEO, and Co-Founder of MixCare Health, in an email interview with e27.

Targeting corporates and insurers, the MixCare Health platform connects employees and policyholders to services that promote a healthier lifestyle. The company plans to expand into Southeast Asia (SEA) this year.

“Insurers are increasingly interested in preventive care and engaging with policyholders and potential customers. We provide a solution that benefits both insurers and policyholders, offering a seamless integration into existing tech stacks and meeting internal requirements efficiently,” Wong stated.

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“Through our platform, we can gather valuable data insights that help insurers and employers create engagement plans with their stakeholders,” he added.

As MixCare Health expands to SEA, it looks to focus on Thailand and Singapore first, followed by Malaysia and the Philippines. Companies have shown interest in replicating MixCare’s partnership model in Hong Kong, and the company has appointed a country manager in Thailand.

“We believe there is a US$1 billion market opportunity for MixCare across the broader Asian region. Our scalable solution and proven track record in effective partnerships position us well for growth,” Wong explained. “We are excited to pursue our growth strategy.”

The MixCare Health platform

When asked about insights into the SEA market, Wong highlighted the increased focus on health and wellbeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing need for digital transformation.

“In these markets, tech-savvy populations are seeking new solutions for healthier living, creating opportunities for platforms like MixCare Health to provide diverse services tailored to individual needs,” Wong said.

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Beyond the expansion

In addition to expanding into SEA, MixCare Health plans to continue growing in its home market of Hong Kong, adding more business partners and seeking funding to support its growth.

“We are implementing generative AI technology to enhance internal operations and customer service. The data we collect enables us to provide data-driven health recommendations and insights to end-users, insurers, and employers,” Wong mentioned.

“We have accomplished a lot in our first three years, and we anticipate continued growth in demand for our services,” he concluded.

Image Credit: MixCare Health

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