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Qritive’s AI-driven approach to enhancing diagnostic processes in Asia and the Middle East.

Qritive recently announced a partnership with three diagnostic centres and hospitals in India: Metropolis Healthcare, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, and CŌRE Diagnostics. These institutions will utilize the Pantheon image management system (IMS) and Qritive’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) products.

Integrating Qritive’s AI technology into these institutions’ diagnostic processes is a significant step towards modernizing pathology practices. It is expected to enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately advance patient care.

Qritive has been operating in India since 2019 and signed their first major commercial contract with a healthcare institution in 2021. In the early phases of the go-to-market strategy, they primarily engaged directly with pathologists to educate the market on the value of AI-powered solutions for diagnostics.

Along with winning awards from NASSCOM and Sweden Innovation, they initiated a program to provide pathologists with the opportunity to experience the benefits of AI in their workflow. Their ‘Experience Program’ was well received, leading to deployments in three major hospitals and lab chains.

Qritive’s AI solutions target pathologists working in private or public laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies.

Primarily focused on Asia and the Middle East, Qritive acquires clients through direct sales, strategic partnerships, and distributors.

Headquartered in Singapore with operations in the US and India, Qritive is an AI solution developer aiming to advance digital pathology for cancer diagnosis and improve health outcomes with AI-based solutions.

Run by 15 full-time employees across Singapore and India, the company has raised US$7.5 million in a Series A round announced in 2023.

Qritive’s co-founders met at the startup incubator Entrepreneur First (EF) in Singapore. Dr. Kaveh Taghipour, who holds a PhD in Deep Learning, was matched with Dr. Aneesh Sathe, who specializes in mechano-biology. Both being PhD graduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS), they aimed to change cancer diagnostics with AI.

Qritive has made several milestones including being selected in the inaugural batch of JLABS Singapore, receiving conditional approval from the Abu Dhabi Department of Health for clinical deployment in UAE, and having an extended network to more than 300 pathologists, providing research and clinical studies to healthcare institutions.

Regarding its R&D, the company has released two prostate AI and lymph node metastasis modules and has plans for additional modules dedicated to breast and ovarian cancer detection, along with expansion into key markets and pursuit of regulatory certifications in key geographies in 2024.

Image Credit: Qritive

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