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Guide and Strategies for Airdrop Farming for Beginners and Experts

If this is your first time coming to our site, welcome! To our regular Airdrop Farming Savages, it’s good to see you again. Today, we’re here to discuss an elaborate airdrop farming guide & strategy, including tips. We’re part of the airdrop class of ’17 and the BitcoinTalk Forums. So in 2018, we shared our knowledge and taught the newcomers how to earn crypto, which eventually got over 350k reads. And in 2021 when DeFi came to the scene, we showed over 200k users how to earn there.

Every landscape in crypto is rapidly changing, so we’re back with a full guide on airdrop farming for 2024 and 2025. Airdrop season has started and everybody loves free crypto. If you dedicate time and effort towards farming, you can have a 6-figure year. No matter what capital you start with. If you are new to the wonderful world of airdrops, I suggest you have a glance at the biggest airdrops of 2023, to get the blood flowing and get you hyped up to study this blog. Let’s dive in.

Every layer in crypto comes with risks. Airdrop farming is no different. First off, you have your own responsibility for security. Never share your private keys, don’t click random links, have funds on hardware wallets, don’t get hacked, and all that stuff. But on top of that, you’re exposing yourself to new protocols and projects. Which comes with a risk in itself. Outside of CEX exchanges, often the biggest hacks in crypto are either bridges or layer-2 solutions. Take that into consideration when you start airdrop farming. Reduce risks by spreading funds and working on your online security. You want to protect the free cryptocurrency you’re earning.

– 2FA on all accounts
– Hide your phone number everywhere to avoid SIM swaps
– Burner emails when signing up
– Don’t click links on Social Media or ads
– Don’t download unverified software
– Use Hardware wallets for main funds
– Don’t FOMO, and trust no one
– Don’t keep large sums on exchanges/platforms
– If something feels off, take your time to verify before engaging, especially with lesser-known dApps.

[1] The Easy Airdrops + Bonus Hunting
This first chapter is focused on beginners and our farmers who are low on capital. If you are more experienced, or have a decent wallet size to play with head over to the next chapter on wallets or even jump to the trading airdrops. If you’re a brand new airdrop farmer, or if you are low on liquid. I suggest you start farming easy airdrops that don’t require funds. What they usually do require are some social media tasks to create some exposure and project awareness. You know the basic, follow & retweet kind of stuff. Or join a newsletter or Discord group. Often, these projects are in fundraising mode, product release, or just plain meme coins. Sometimes they are looking for users, so they want you to create an account or download a dApp. Whatever they are, try to collect and start building your bankroll. Now, we’re not here to lie to your face and say you can become financially free by getting these easy airdrops. That’s just not the case. But it’s low-hanging fruit, collect some free $ here and there with some easy tasks. Keep stacking those small wins until you have some capital to farm the next few chapters of this blog. You can farm these types of airdrops on multiple wallets and by creating several social media accounts you can join them multiple times. Find all the new airdrops listed on Airdrop Alert.
Two Airdrops I’m farming that don’t require capital are Grass and Beoble.

Claim Your Bonus
Another tactic is to hunt for bonus rewards on Exchanges, Crypto Casinos (Rollbit), or Sports bookies (for example I’m farming Azuro by betting on Bookmaker). During promotions of these platforms, you can find profitable trades/bets. But you have to keep a close eye on the promotion. For example, an exchange can have a deposit bonus, deposit 10$ get 10$ for free. Collect all the bonuses on several exchanges and your $10 might be $200 in no time. This is obviously no slam dunk, but the road to riches is long my friend. A list of exchange bonus options will be shared in our third chapter.

– Have several burner X accounts
– Have several burner Discord accounts
– Create burner email addresses
– Have several burner wallets
– Follow us on X (170k), or Join Our Telegram (200k) for all the Airdrop Alert’s

[2] Set up Your Wallet Farm
Our second chapter is focused on setting up your wallet farm which applies to beginners and experts. What do I mean by wallet farm? Well to optimize your time, you should create several wallets on each chain you want to farm. Think about Ethereum (EVMs), Solana, Injective, SEI, Avalanche, or Bitcoin. Whichever chain you want there are several wallet options. Why set up multiple? Joining an airdrop costs some time, the majority of that is getting to know a project and going through the steps the first time. Once you have learned how to do this, why not do it again on a second wallet, a third, a fourth, etc. This optimizes your time spent to farm one project or potential airdrop. One thing to keep in mind, the best thing is to have no on-chain connections between your farming wallets. What do I mean by that? Well, don’t fund them all from the same wallet. Put the initial capital in the wallet from different sources (CEX or otherwise) and avoid transactions between them. Some projects filter out wallets that have previous connections. Keep a low balance on the wallets, even when you’re done farming. We noticed the recently hyped Starknet Airdrop required wallets to have a few GWEI balances or they were eliminated from the free $STRK drop.

Some wallets have potential future retroactive airdrops coming, or they have a point system that translates to a future reward. We have a list of 7 wallets that are suitable for airdrop farming and different chains. I recommend checking it out.

– Keep main funds in a hardware wallet
– Fund farming/burner wallets with minimum capital
– Have no on-chain connection
– Keep a low balance at all times
– Use a wallet that rewards u with points like Rabby or Rainbow
– Security is your main priority
– Don’t sign transactions you don’t understand
– Use Hardware wallets for main funds
– Don’t FOMO, and trust no one
– Don’t keep large sums on exchanges/platforms

[3] Learn Basic Trading
If you have trading skills, there are plenty of airdrop farming options for you out there which we discuss in this chapter. If you lack this skill set, it might be a good time to study trading fundamentals to create a solid trading strategy. You don’t need to become a master trader. If you accomplish that you will be out on yacht parties in Dubai. No, we want you to learn basic support/resistance trading so you can get in “low risk, low reward” type trades. You are not aiming for a 50% gain on your trade, you’re farming an airdrop. Whether it’s based on trading volume or frequency. Trade to Farm, Don’t Trade to Win. Educate yourself on patterns on Investopedia, or Youtube. Or consider free trading courses like Baby Pips, which isn’t crypto-focused but a general free course for Technical Analysis and trading. Once you are comfortable trading at a minimum of break-even levels, you can start farming DEX airdrops or clean CEX bonuses and enter Trading competitions. Don’t forget to be active over time. Some potential airdrops can take months before distribution, make sure to keep your wallets active from time to time so it looks like you’re an actual human user, instead of a farmer who came in for a couple of trades and left. Long-term activity will also help your total volume to go up which can lead to a significant reward. I’m personally farming LogX and Hyperliquid while trading.

– Low-risk trading strategy
– Sybil your wallets (Be your own referral)
– Complete a basic trading course
– Run up volume over time
– Read our trading content for trade set-ups

You should be comfortable trading and have a general decent crypto knowledge understanding to farm Dex Airdrops. Potentially you need to switch chains, bridge funds, or being able to…


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