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Prefer Develops Climate-Friendly Beanless Coffee for the Masses Amid Rising Coffee Bean Prices

The Prefer beanless coffee in the post-roasting stage

Without intervention, climate change is expected to impact 50% of the arable farmlands used for coffee production, endangering the availability of coffee. To combat this issue, Singapore-based Prefer produces beanless coffee for coffee shops and other food services.

Prefer’s CEO, Jake Berber, explained that the company’s mission stemmed from the need to provide an affordable and sustainable coffee alternative. By using bread, soy, and barley, Prefer discovered a way to create a product similar in flavor to traditional coffee beans.

Materials are sourced from local companies, including upcycled food by-products, and undergo a fermentation and roasting process to mimic the taste of coffee beans. This method offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution compared to traditional coffee production methods.

The Future of Beanless Coffee

Prefer was founded in late 2022 by CTO Tan Ding Jie and CEO Jake Berber. The company has received support from various organizations and recently secured a US$2 million funding round. Currently operating in Singapore, Prefer plans to expand to other Asian markets like the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

By introducing beanless coffee, Prefer aims to address the challenges posed by climate change and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional coffee production methods. As the market for lab-grown food and beverages grows, Prefer remains optimistic about the future of beanless coffee as a commodity accessible to the masses.

Image Credit: Prefer

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