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Boost Your Blast Points with These Airdrops

With Mainnet launching just yesterday, we can say Blast Season has officially opened. And with it, there are tons of Blast Airdrops you can farm to earn several tokens and add to your Blast Points.

It seemed like everyone on crypto Twitter was farming the Blast early access campaign on the testnet. I mean, it didn’t take any effort to do so, just had to bridge over some ETH. And, Founder Pacman wouldn’t be Pacman if he hadn’t come up with a new Airdrop campaign to keep your attention and capital on Blast. A special thanks to everyone who deposited with us. We had a total of 73.7 ETH in our Blast squad, just 1.3 ETH shy of the next squad goal. For this season we hope to smash the next few goals.

If you bridge to the mainnet, you keep earning Blast Points for the airdrop if your ETH stays there. However, you earn multipliers and more points if you use the dApps on Blast. In addition, a lot of the projects built on Blast have their own airdrop campaigns you can join. Therefore, you are farming the Blast Airdrop + the project Airdrops at the same time (all details here). To make it even better, Rabby Wallet announced they are supporting Blast, so you can Earn Rabby points as well if you use this wallet to farm.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been in the Blast trenches. Finding and farming Airdrops along the way. Today we bring you 10 Blast Airdrops you should have a look at.

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List of the 10 Best Blast Airdrops

Are you ready to Blast off?

Here we go.

1] Juice Finance

Juice Finance emerges as a groundbreaking Cross-Margin DeFi platform on Blast L2, offering users up to 300% USDB leverage for enhanced yields across the ecosystem. It combines lending & borrowing, and yield farming for a comprehensive and optimized DeFi experience.

More info on Airdrop Alert.

2] Pacmoon

PacMoon emerges as a unique meme coin within the Blast ecosystem, focusing on community engagement and social media interaction as central to its growth, showcasing a new era of cryptocurrency that merges the entertainment of memes with significant opportunities for communal development and participation. Meme coins were an unfair game, until now!

Join the Meme Fun with

3] Blast Alpha

Blast Alpha is the hub for highlighting projects on Blast, delivering valuable insights, updates, guides, and news across the ecosystem.

Farm this Blast Airdrop with us.

4] Yolo Games

If you bridged to Blast for the Early access Airdrop, you can already claim your free points on Yolo Games. Their snapshot was completed right before mainnet launch.

Play some games to earn $YOLO points while you stack Blast Points as well. Claim your Points.

5] Flashbit

FlashBit is a community-driven project exclusively on Blast, offering fair and fun gaming experiences with real rewards. Its flagship prediction market and Flash NFT will provide unique opportunities and revenue sharing. Stay tuned for the Testnet launch!

Start Farming here.

6] Wen Exchange

Wen Exchange is reshaping the NFT trading landscape on Blast L2 by slashing trading fees to nearly zero and redistributing native yields, thus maximizing revenue for creators, buyers, and traders.

The Wen Trade Pool and Gas Station streamline transactions and boost profits, redistributing gas fees from activities to users and $WEN Stakers, solidifying Wen Exchange’s NFT dominance.

More info is available on our listing page.

7] Cyber Finance

Cyber Finance is the first decentralized perpetual exchange on Blast L2, offering up to 50x leverage on blue-chip cryptocurrencies. It prioritizes user-friendly tools and responsible practices, making DeFi accessible to all.

Cyber Finance is led by a dynamic team of three co-founders: MoneyCrptBunny as CMO, a CPO with LayerZero_Labs and Paradigm, and a CTO with over 5 years of smart contract experience, supported by a seasoned developer from Dell and Huawei.

If you’re not shy of trading, might as well farm this one.

8] Blastscore

BlastScore is building the first identity protocol implementing Blast technology to revolutionize Web3 reputation and address issues related to Airdrop farming and bot interference.

BlastScore evaluates on-chain metrics, such as transactions, Yield-related activities, and past airdrop actions, to ensure fairer and more substantial rewards based on wallet reputation.

Read more about it here.

9] Fantasy Top

Fantasy is a revolutionary SocialFi Trading Card Game where players leverage trading cards of crypto Twitter influencers, capitalizing on their ability to strategically select influencers with significant market influence and social media presence.

With weekly competitions rooted in the real-world performance of these influencers, the game merges gaming and finance, further enhanced by Blast L2’s gas refunds and 4% passive yield.

Click here to find out more.

10] BlasterSwap

Blaster is a pioneering platform on Blast Layer 2 for trading, earning, and token launching, featuring a specialized DEX, an easy-to-use memecoin launchpad, daily lottery opportunities, and an exclusive NFT collection, highlighted by gas refunds and attractive $BLSTR rewards.

Check it out here.

Final Words on Blast Airdrops

There you have it. A complete list of Blast Airdrops to optimize your Blast score for the mainnet season. We hope you earn some tokens along the way. As always, stay safe. Don’t fomo into the next new project just because you want to earn some points. Usually, there is no immediate rush to join so I wait a few days to see if everything is safe and then I start farming.

We would appreciate a share on social media if you find this useful. Teach your friends how to start airdrop farming on Blast and you’re helping us get some exposure.

If you want to shoot me a follow on my personal X account, I mostly post corny jokes, NFT shenanigans, Trading brags, and some occasional airdrop alpha. And of course, follow AirdropAlert on X to never miss airdrop opportunities again.


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