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Learn These 11 Fun and Useful Skills Online in 2022

I’ve previously discussed the importance of developing new habits to promote a healthier lifestyle, such as increasing physical activity, getting sufficient sleep, and consuming more protein. However, have you considered the health benefits of acquiring a fun new skill? Learning new things helps keep our minds sharp and healthy, which is particularly crucial as we age. Not only does it provide mental exercise, but it also contributes to improved mental well-being. Acquiring a new skill boosts self-confidence for both you and your children and offers the added bonus of introducing a new hobby. Hobbies serve as a creative outlet for self-expression, aiding in stress reduction.

Finding the time to learn new skills may seem challenging given our busy schedules. You might also assume that learning a new skill can be costly. Fortunately, there is a plethora of online classes available that allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas. Some of these courses are accessible through apps, enabling you to learn while waiting in your car. I have compiled a list of interesting skills that you can learn through online classes, ranging from hobbies like crocheting to mastering a foreign language to developing life skills such as budgeting or changing a flat tire. Discover a skill that interests you and enjoy sharpening your abilities while having fun!

There is a wealth of information available online for free or at a reasonable cost, making traditional schooling for many skills seem unnecessary. Over the past few years, my children and I have taken numerous online courses together. We have learned enjoyable skills like solving the Rubik’s Cube, cooking, mastering the basics of digital photography, and enhancing our chess skills. One of the highlights is that we have taken some of these classes together, offering a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family. Our goal is to learn a new skill as a family every couple of months. Some of my preferred platforms for online courses include Udemy, Skillshare, and Wondrium, all of which offer a wide variety of courses at affordable prices.

If you do not find a suitable course from the list provided, explore other options that pique your interest. Once you have selected a course, acquire the necessary supplies, which can easily be purchased online. Then, you are all set to acquire new useful skills from the comfort of your home.

1. Solving a Rubik’s Cube:
To learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, you will need a 3×3 cube and enroll in the course “Master Rubik’s Cube in 4 Days.”

2. Drawing:
To enhance your drawing skills, you will require paper, markers, pens, or pencils, and access to the course “The Secrets to Drawing.”

3. Playing a Musical Instrument:
Whether you choose the piano, banjo, violin, ukelele, or another instrument, Wondrium offers a variety of musical instrument courses. You will need the instrument of your choice and access to the appropriate tutorials.

4. Playing Chess:
To learn or improve your chess skills, you will need a chess board and the course “Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed.”

5. Sewing:
For those interested in learning how to sew, you will need a sewing machine, fabric, and the course “Startup Library: Sewing” to begin sewing in just a few weeks.

6. Training Your Dog:
Train your dog at home with ease by enrolling in the course “Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)” and start teaching your furry friend new tricks.

7. Singing:
Enhance your vocal skills by enrolling in the course “How to Sing” and discover your potential as a singer.

8. Photography:
Improve your photography skills with a DSLR camera and access to the course “Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography.”

9. Learning Faster:
Enhance your learning speed with the course “Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory” to acquire valuable skills.

10. Painting:
Learn how to paint like a pro using oil or acrylic paints and enroll in the course “Impressionism – Paint this Farmhouse with Oils or Acrylics.”

11. Music Theory:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of music theory with the course “Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3)” to strengthen your musical knowledge.

12. Learning a New Language:
Dive into a new language by exploring the courses available on to expand your linguistic abilities and cultural horizons.

13. Creating YouTube Videos:
Embark on a journey to create successful YouTube videos by enrolling in a course that guides you through the process, helping you achieve your online job aspirations.


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