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Scott Mitchell sets the record straight on Lions’ shortcomings and being blamed

Salt Lake City’s Scott Mitchell has found himself in a solemn moment watching television at 1 a.m. as he catches a promo for a documentary called “Bye Bye Barry” on Amazon Prime. The film, centered around Barry Sanders, a former teammate of Mitchell, displays various notable personalities discussing Sanders’ career. Upon viewing the documentary, Mitchell decides to share his thoughts on Facebook, expressing his admiration for Sanders as a remarkable player.

Mitchell’s unique skills as a quarterback are also highlighted, with many former teammates and coaches praising his precision and talent. Despite facing challenges and criticism throughout his career, Mitchell’s success and achievements as a quarterback are noted, including leading the Detroit Lions to NFC Championship Game in the past. However, the narrative surrounding Mitchell’s time as a Lion is often focused on the team’s inability to win a Super Bowl, with Mitchell feeling frustrated by the constant blame placed on him for the team’s shortcomings.

The dynamic between Mitchell and his teammates in Detroit is explored, revealing a sense of disconnection and resentment within the team. Despite forming a strong bond with receiver Herman Moore, Mitchell struggled to integrate himself fully into a veteran team that was still mourning the departure of previous quarterback Erik Kramer. Mitchell’s dedication to his craft sometimes overshadowed his ability to connect with his teammates, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts within the team.

As Mitchell navigates the challenges and pressures of being a professional quarterback, he reflects on his time in the NFL with a mix of pride and disappointment. Despite facing setbacks and criticism throughout his career, Mitchell remains steadfast in his belief in his abilities as a quarterback and his contribution to the teams he played for.


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