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Could Home Be the Next Frontier for Patient-Centric Healthcare?

Technological advances have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by prioritizing patient needs and extending care beyond traditional healthcare settings to patients’ homes.

Nazia Pillay, Partner Head at SAP Africa, believes that patient-centric healthcare is already making waves in the global healthcare sector, with Africa not far behind.

Pillay emphasizes the benefits of patient-centric healthcare, stating that it can lead to better patient experiences, improved accessibility, and enhanced healthcare outcomes. This shift is driven by advancements in various technologies and a growing demand to expand healthcare access.

Transforming the Healthcare Model

Traditionally, healthcare services have required patients to navigate complex systems to receive care. Patient-centric healthcare, on the other hand, reimagines this approach by focusing on the patient’s needs and preferences to enhance their overall experience.

Johann Joubert, CEO at Converge Solutions, highlights the importance of prioritizing patient experience and team engagement in a patient-centric healthcare model. This approach not only improves patient engagement but also makes healthcare more accessible and affordable by offering services in patients’ homes.

Bringing Healthcare to Patients’ Homes

Healthcare providers worldwide are moving towards home-based care models to deliver primary, acute, and palliative care to patients at home.

Joubert sees home-based care as a valuable opportunity to enhance care quality and reduce healthcare costs. He also notes the rapid advancements in technologies like AI and connectivity, which are making home-based care a reality.

Technology as a Foundation for Better Healthcare

Pillay explains that healthcare providers are increasingly embracing technologies like advanced analytics, cloud capabilities, and AI to deliver personalized healthcare and improve operational efficiency. She predicts a greater focus on emerging technologies like AI and machine vision for home-based care and diagnosis in the coming years.

Evidence for a Patient-Centric Approach

Joubert highlights the growing demand for a patient-centric healthcare model based on patient feedback and the need for more personalized information and engagement. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration among healthcare workers and the adoption of digital capabilities to improve patient outcomes.

Joubert urges the healthcare sector to embrace digital transformation to stay relevant and thrive in the future. He believes that AI, if applied thoughtfully and ethically, has the potential to drive significant advancements in healthcare delivery.


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