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The Biggest Obstacle to Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Trust

Successful entrepreneurs excel in the art of taking risks. They observe what others don’t see and attempt things that have never been done before. Despite having a small team and limited resources, they often outperform larger, well-established organizations in their industry.

These entrepreneurs are able to identify and seize opportunities while maintaining a clear focus. How do they achieve this? The key lies in their ability to build trust. In order to innovate and introduce something new, they need to earn the trust of users and investors.

Trust is defined as the value we place on our relationships with individuals or entities. For example, individuals with degrees from prestigious universities often receive better opportunities because companies trust in the quality of their education. Similarly, branded products sell at a premium because consumers trust in their performance.

Trust plays a significant role in various aspects of our lives, such as consumer trends, recent events, and interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, we value people, companies, products, and services based on the trust they are able to establish with us.

In economics, trust is essential for trade to occur. It enables value creation and is considered the most valuable asset for everyone involved.

Businesses that excel at building trust are able to capture more value compared to their competitors. Companies like Tesla and Alibaba have seen their stock market valuation soar due to the trust they have built with investors.

Similarly, startups that successfully enter and disrupt industries are able to surpass the trust that established players have earned over the years. By creating trusted intermediaries, these startups can capture value without owning physical assets.

The concept of trust extends beyond financial transactions. It embodies the core spirit of entrepreneurship, where good entrepreneurs trust in their vision and rely on their team to achieve their goals. Trust drives innovation and sets the foundation for success in the startup ecosystem.

Building trust is a consistent and ongoing process that requires dedication and transparency. Silicon Valley’s culture of mutual trust has been a key factor in its success as an innovation hub.

In conclusion, trust is the biggest barrier to entrepreneurship and innovation, yet it is also the key to success. By focusing on building trust with users, investors, and stakeholders, entrepreneurs can pave the way for groundbreaking innovations and sustainable growth.

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This article was first published on October 13, 2019

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