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Meme Coin Frenzy on Solana with $BOME & $NICK

Solana’s price has been on the rise since last week’s blog, where we mentioned it surpassing $150. The excitement surrounding $SOL has led to a surge in the Solana Meme Coin ecosystem.

It seems like a new meme coin is trending on Dexscreener every hour, with forums full of Solana meme coin enthusiasts sharing shills, memes, and TA graphs.

Essentially, it’s like playing the lottery, but with added fun. By investing in the right Solana meme coin, you can join the social media frenzy with jokes, memes, and trolls. Who knows, you might even turn $100 into 1 Million Dollars. Or at least, that’s the dream.

Today, let’s take a look at the latest surprises in the world of meme coins.

2 Crazy Solana Meme Coins

By now, we’re all familiar with $BONK and $WIF. These coins have won over SOL enthusiasts and secured a spot in the top 100 market cap of all cryptocurrencies. Quite impressive, if you ask me.

Will the next two coins, which emerged this week, have a similar meteoric rise?

1] $NICK – Choose Rich

Choose rich! You may have seen the catchy new tagline on X. Well-known NFT influencer Nick shared a photo on a Yacht with his friends, stating, “This is who you’re trading against.” This post quickly went viral and was heavily memed by the community.

Since then, Nick has been creating comedic vlogs showcasing a lavish lifestyle, always ending with “I choose rich.”

His unique approach to going viral has even caught the attention of mainstream media like Business Insider and CBS Television. Naturally, this drew the interest of the Solana meme coin community, leading to the creation of $NICK.

On the 11th, $NICK experienced a surge in volume and price, jumping from 0.01 to 0.08 in a day. Since then, it has been retracing. Those observant enough may notice my personal trades on the graph.

The meme coin currently boasts a market cap of 14M with 11k unique holders. Nick’s quirky character and viral catchphrase “choose rich” have already gained traction. Will $NICK regain momentum for another run-up?

You can trade $NICK on platforms like Dexscreener, BirdEye, or Jupiter. If you use Jupiter, you may be eligible for airdrops this year. Recently, Wormhole airdropped to Jupiter users.

2] $BOME – Book of Memes

Just two days ago, $BOME entered the scene. Despite its brief existence, it has shown remarkable strength and upward momentum.

The market cap of $BOME currently stands at $49M with 46k unique holders.

The BOME team raised funds through a “pre-sale” where participants sent SOL to developers to receive tokens at launch. This strategy, while effective, can be risky as many projects fail to launch and can result in financial losses. Exercise caution if considering investing in this project.

The Book of Memes (BOME) has gained attention for its cleverly edited Pepe meme variations, even capturing the interest of renowned NFT artist Beeple, who created artwork dedicated to it.

Despite its young age, the Solana meme coin has already made its way to Bybit, where it can be traded with leverage. However, trading a meme coin on leverage carries high volatility, and it is advisable to proceed with caution.

I personally exited my position in $BOME early, and I am waiting for a significant dip before considering re-entry. With the coin now available on Bybit, there will be ample volume and price swings to establish a more comfortable position.

Final Thoughts

Meme coins are akin to lottery tickets, with the risk of losing everything in a moment. None of our content constitutes financial advice; we simply report on noteworthy trends in the market. Conduct your own research and practice proper risk management when venturing into the world of Solana meme coins.

If you appreciate our content, consider supporting us by registering for a Bybit Account using our referral link. Don’t forget to claim your bonuses for buying, selling, or trading crypto.

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