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Access to Safe Drinking Water Transforms Lives in Conakry: Water Brings Life

Under the Guinea Urban Water Project (PUEG), over 30,000 people in Greater Conakry have benefited from improved safe water services. With the installation of over 12,000 meters, customers can now better manage their water consumption and enjoy enhanced service delivery. Additionally, 650 workers and supervisors received capacity building to upgrade their technical, operational, and commercial skills.

In Sig Madina, a working-class neighborhood, residents now have access to safe water. Previously, the community faced challenges in obtaining water, resorting to purchasing from vendors at high costs. With the installation of household water connections and meters, families like the Cissé’s now have easier access to safe water, reducing the burden of long hikes and high expenses.

Now, Makalé Cissé and her daughters no longer have to rely on water vendors or travel long distances for water. With a meter in place, Makalé only pays a fraction of what she used to, allowing her to invest the saved money in her family’s well-being and education. This transformation is just one of the successes of the Guinea Urban Water Project, which aims to improve access to water services for underserved communities.

The project has significantly improved storage and distribution capacity, reducing leaks and revenue loss. With new pipes laid and infrastructure upgraded, the quality of water reaching homes has also improved. Moving forward, the new Guinea Water and Sanitation Project will further enhance safe drinking water access in urban areas, benefiting the people of Greater Conakry.

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