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Checking in on NFT Trends in 2024: A Look at Apes and Penguins

The NFTs in 2024 market has been in a slump for over a year. Many enthusiasts felt disheartened as trading volumes plummeted. The once-bustling marketplaces became quiet. The excitement faded, leaving a sense of uncertainty. One major factor was Blur airdrop farming. This farming had artificially inflated trading volumes. Without it, the market struggled to find its footing. The fear of a farmer dropping 100 jpegs on your head to crash the floor has killed what NFTs once were.

Blur Airdrop Farming: A Double-Edged Sword

Blur airdrop farming created a temporary buzz. Traders flocked to earn rewards, driving activity. Which led to one of the biggest airdrops in history. However, this wasn’t sustainable. Airdrop farmers buying JPEGs they don’t actually want to own, but nearly to farm points for an airdrop, changed the dynamics of NFTs forever. The market saw a significant decline when airdrop farmers dumped hundreds of NFTs on bidders driving floors down while increasing the fear for collectors.. It was a tough pill to swallow for many NFT projects.

However, the majority of Blur farmers have retired. The new season 4 of Blur airdrop started, in which the rewards are significantly lower than previous seasons. This resulted in the bigger NFT market makers going in early retirement.

BAYC in 2024: A Year of Changes and Milestones

Release of 3D Models

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by Yugalabs, made headlines with the release of 3D models. This innovation excited the community. These models offered new ways to interact with the apes. They were more than just profile pictures. The 3D models could be used in various digital environments.

ApeFest in Lisbon

ApeFest 2024 will take place in Lisbon in October. The event sold out almost immediately which looks like it’s gonna be a major success. It brings together BAYC holders from around the world. The festival featured music, art, and community activities. It strengthened the bonds within the BAYC community.

Leadership Change

Garga, one of the founders, stepped back as CEO. This was a significant change. He promised to focus more on BAYC. The community responded positively. They trusted Garga’s vision and dedication to the project.

Sotheby’s Auction

A Gold Ape was sold at Sotheby’s for $265,000. This sale was a major milestone. It demonstrated the value and appeal of rare BAYCs. Even if this is the lowest Gold Ape sale of the past 24 months. Despite the market downturn, rare apes continued to fetch high prices. After the auction, the gold ape was traded for 4 Crypto Punk NFTs, you can read more about that here.

You can try to win this gold ape from the Sotheby’s auction on Rollbit currently by spinning a loot box (click image).

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