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Creating Lasting Nutritional Habits with Psychiatrist and Chef Dr. Uma Naidoo

Hello and welcome! This is my Mommy’s podcast. The podcast is sponsored by ARMRA, which is a new Colostrum I have been experimenting with and had to tell you about. Because you know I’m always on the lookout for new ways to improve immunity, gut health, fitness, metabolism, and enhance my skin and hair. And I have been liking this new Colostrum product.

Colostrum is the first nutrition we receive in life, and it contains all the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive. The ARMRA Colostrum is a proprietary concentrate of bovine colostrum that harnesses over 400 living bioactive nutrients. It rebuilds the barriers of your body and fuels cellular health for a host of research-backed benefits including strengthening immunity, igniting metabolism, and having anti-inflammatory gut-fortifying properties. It can improve hair growth and skin radiance, and also has anti-aging benefits. This colostrum product is natural, sustainable, and has testing from start to finish, ensuring it meets the highest demands of purity and efficacy and is glyphosate-free. For listeners, there is a special offer to receive 15% off the first order by going to and using the code “mama15”.

This podcast is also sponsored by Wellnesse, a company that specializes in oral and haircare products. By visiting, you can find a full line of hair care products and other oral health products, including probiotic mints and toothpaste made with microbiome-safe ingredients, as well as hydroxyapatite for tooth enamel without fluoride.

Now, let’s switch to the Wellness Mama Podcast, where Katie is speaking with Dr. Uma Naidoo, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, trained chef, and nutritional specialist about building nutritional habits that stick. They talk about strategies for building positive nutritional habits and creating more positive feedback loops in families and with kids. Dr. Uma also shares some practical tips for incorporating healthier habits.


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