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Coaching Confidential: Opposing Coaches’ Thoughts on the Michigan vs. Washington Title Game

The recent dominance of Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Georgia in college football’s signature event is taking a brief pause this year. Instead, new contenders have emerged, with Michigan and Washington advancing to the national title game. Neither team has played for a national title since the BCS began in 1998.

Coordinators and assistants who have faced Michigan and Washington this season are fascinated by the upcoming championship game. Michigan’s run-heavy offense and bruising play along the lines will face off against Washington’s high-flying, pass-first attack at NRG Stadium in Houston on Monday night. The majority of coaches spoke about Washington winning as an underdog, with one coach even calling Michigan the better team overall.

When Washington has the ball, nobody questioned the brilliance of Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. There was high praise for his ability to read coverages and throw with accuracy and touch, making “amazing” throws with “holy smokes” moments. The chemistry between Penix and his trio of receivers was lauded, with the trust he has in them being noted as remarkable.

Washington’s offense was described as incredibly effective due to the chemistry and trust among the players, with a focus on their skill at receiver that allows them to lean on max protect schemes. The development of this chemistry is evident in the success they’ve experienced this season.

Michigan’s defense and Washington’s strength were compared, with the conclusion that Michigan has better DBs. However, it was noted that Washington’s strength was Texas’ weakness, and to win, they need to be effective at throwing down the field.

The coaches emphasized Washington’s limited sacks and O-line’s athletic and powerful skillets, as well as their ability to move. For defenses, the focus would be on disguising coverages to confuse Penix, with a comparison to Arizona State, the only team this season to hold Penix without a touchdown pass.

The championship game between Michigan and Washington appears to have aroused significant excitement, as coaches analyze the potential strategies and strengths each team possesses.


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