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The Surge of Ethereum Beyond $3K: What’s Driving the Increase?

Ethereum enthusiasts and investors have a reason to cheer as Ethereum ($ETH) crosses the $3k milestone, marking a significant high not seen in almost two years. The recent surge in Ether’s price is generating excitement, especially amidst the anticipation of an ETH Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) approval.

It’s time to celebrate! 🎆

Ethereum $3k Party!

According to data from CoinGecko, Ether’s price climbed approximately 1.6% in the last 24 hours and soared over 12% in the past week, outstripping many other cryptocurrencies. Notably, Bitcoin also saw positive movement, gaining more than 2% and edging closer to the $53,000 mark.

The cryptocurrency market, as a whole, is experiencing a bullish trend in 2024, with major tokens surpassing their 2023 highs. Ether, in particular, has surged by nearly 30% since the beginning of the year, outshining Bitcoin’s 22% advance.

Market analysts are eyeing $3,500 as the next resistance level for Ether, with traders optimistic about the possibility of spot-based ETH ETFs gaining regulatory approval in the United States. Kenny Hearn, SwissOne Capital’s chief investment officer, expressed confidence in Ether’s potential, stating, “We are very close in this move to levels around $3,150-$3,300.” He added, “The next level after that would be $3,600, and we think this is quite easily attainable in the next month or so as the alts continue to play catch up.”

An approved ETH ETF could significantly enhance Ethereum’s appeal among conservative, institutional investors, mirroring the massive allocations witnessed in the new Bitcoin ETFs introduced last month.

My Trade Levels

I am currently not in any trade position on Ethereum. With current RSI levels nearing 80, I don’t like the R/R (risk/reward) to go long here.

However, I’m eying 2 levels. ETH $2.5k and ETH $3.3k. One is the support and the other is resistance on the weekly chart. I’m either shorting resistance, or longing support. If we get to a short set-up, I maintain a tight SL as breakouts can be explosive. But scalping a range with low risk (SL) is a comfortable trading style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ethereum’s journey past the $3,000 mark signals a promising start to the year for the cryptocurrency market. With optimism surrounding potential ETF approvals and a bullish sentiment prevailing, ETH enthusiasts have reason to remain optimistic about its future trajectory.

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